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October 29, 2008


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They look VERY good, though I don't know if I can get by the "Elmer's Glue" cheese. It does look like fun!


Suzanne, looks like fun. I will have to try it sometime. I have tried the Martha Stewart dough and have had great luck with it...even tossing it. If you want to give that a try. Thanks for sharing your experience.


Omg, I'm drooling over your savory pizzas! Your toss was awesome! Fabulous!

maybelles mom (feeding maybelle)

Hmmn, Italian Tofurky? I have never tried it, but I might need to. great tosses.


We've put the Tofurkey Sausage on our pizzas too - they taste good but I've found you can put too much on! I've never heard of Teese - sounds good but can't get it here.


Yum! I'm glad they turned out so well. I've seen a couple of the other bakers' posts and it seems like this was a universally successful dough.


I love your pizza toss shots! And the finished pizzas don't look so bad, either. ;)


Yum - they all look super delicious!! That pumpkin maple spread was so good - where was the recipe from? :)

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