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July 27, 2008


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Hahaha...oh Suz, you and your vomit phobia. :-P


Oh, I am so glad you made it to Larriland! I am hoping to make it up there again this week for some more picking. It is so much fun and very fulfilling to go and get your own (and so much cheaper too - even more than the farmers' market - but of course, I still go there too~) Looks like so much fun!


the correct way to pick potatoes is straddle the row,put the basket in front of you and then throhw the potatoes in. That's the way Linda was taught at 4. She actually got her first check doing that. Some other time I will give instructions on potato harvester.That I did.


Looks like a fun day - it seems weird to see potatoes ready for harvest. Still a few weeks up here. Ayuh.

James in Washington

I love hot dogs, but I can eat only one - meat or meatless. Then the sight, or worse smell, of the makes me sick. Especially the ones at the movie theater.

The taters look good.

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