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November 16, 2007


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Suzanne- We met a few years ago in DC. You made us Monkey Bread at James' house. Anyway, my partner and I were married at The Peace Abbey and I thought you might be interested-- they are in dire financial straights, but will hopefully come out OK.
Congratulations on your marriage!


Sounds great - though we will all miss you here.


That seems fun! :) I bet the turkeys will be really cute eating a meal. hehehe.


What a fun event! Be sure to give a turkey an extra piece of pie for me. I agree with you about the factory farming and tofurkey (although I may try to convince Omar to get an unTurkey this year - I think it tastes better!).

James in Washington (and Maine)

It sounds like fun and will be the perfect "after" wedding story to go with your "before" wedding story. Nice bookends.

Mr. Grant

this is going to rock! i've never seen a turkey eat before. they are going to be so happy!!!

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