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December 21, 2006


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Congrats on the new place. I just moved on December 1 and sympathize with the hassle. Enjoy the hardwoods... I would die for hardwoods!


I hope you're having a great DC Christmas -- lots of knitting, noshing, and relaxing. Merriest of merries!


Oh my gosh....you mean...we aren't going to be NEIGHBORS anymore?!?!?! I'll just have to say that you're my former neighbor. The new place looks Awesome and huge! I hope it's a good move. I totally understand the feeling of wanting to get out of the basement. You start to feel like a gopher after a while.

We're around for the holidays, too. Let me know if you want to hang out.


congrats on the new place! natural light is a wonderful thing.....happy holidays!

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