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November 07, 2006


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Looks like you had a lot of fun!! I am so bummed that I could only go for a few hours friday morning. I love the new stash editions! I'm definitely going again next year to spend more time, less money, and take some classes.


Thanks for helping to make my experience of the day wonderful. Good times were had all around.

Your haul is lovely and not even that big, esepcially when you consider that many of the projects will end up as gifts. Can't wait to see the felted bowls.

OMG, I have to say that I honestly LOVE that sweater. Not ironically, I just wholeheartedly love it.


It was really nice to meet you Saturday! I'm sorry we didn't get a chance to spend more time together.


I am so happy that you came up and spent the day (and your money!) with us ;) I had such a nice time with you! Thanks also for helping me make decisions on colorways - I think I am the world's most indecisive person. The yarns you got are truly great. You have to give us a report on the hemp - I am intrigued! and we will have twin socks too.

Thanks for coming!!

BTW, your new banner ROCKS!!!

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