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November 08, 2006


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nice to meet
hope to see you
again soon
over some
good espresso!


Great photos--of the cat and the hat. Looks like a cute pattern (why is it that simple little hats always take a few false starts? at least, mine always do).

Amanda Cathleen

Great hat, I love the variations in the yarn. Where did you get the pattern? Your cat is just too cute. He looks like he enjoyed his snack


We can't leave water glasses around uncovered because Della likes to stick her head into them to get at the water, no matter how little is left in them. Silly cats!


That hat will indeed be perfect, especially with the pretty subtle variegation. Where is that pattern from?

Yay political change!! I'm hoping for the best with it, and that some real progress can be made with the war, etc.
Grant's going to conferences already, how fun. Now you can party while he's gone :)

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