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June 06, 2006


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This is a really cool set of photos. I like the blue the best.


Great image!


i love my box!!!!
thank you so much!


this shows such a great progression. and it's cool how you layered them all. it's so difficult to choose a favorite manipulated image, but your spectrum of pop is super neat!


Awesome picture! I wish I knew how to use the fancy programs to make cool things like that. It looks like those Warhol paintings of Mao and such. Your expression looks like you're in a political thriller or something.
I'm glad I inspired you to try cables!


SO COOL! I have to get back into this challenge. This sounds like a very cool theme.

So, what weekends do you have free in the upcoming weeks? I would love to get together again. We should do that brunch/knitting thing we were planning ;)

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