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May 08, 2006


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Secret Pal

I just realized I'm in the group shot you took! ;)
your SP


S, can you believe it has taken this long for us to meet? and we live to close! I am so glad we finally did! It was really a great pleasure to meet you :) Many thanks for your help on Saturday too.

Love the Tess colorway you chose. That is really beautiful!

Hope to see you again really soon~


Yay festival!! Neighbor, I'm so glad we finally met face to face. You may remember that we live near each other, you know, as neighbors :) We should knit at tonic or dos gringos sometime!


I'm so glad you came over to say hi! What a crazy meet-up it was, there were so many people I was overwhelmed and I think my mind shut off... sorry if I was a little spacey talking to you but I'm really glad I got to meet you!

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