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February 08, 2006


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looks scary, because it's to big. how is the weight? how much food you gave to this big big bunny?

Alexsander Hughes

aw that bunny is so cute!!!


if it is alive, how old is it now? if it is not alive how old would it be?


Is it still alive?? (please tell me)


wow that bunny is so darn big and cute


Wow thats one big bunny! I thought my bunny grew fast!My bunny seems kinda fat but i think she's adorable. Has your bunny ever had Rye Neck? My bunny has it. (it may be permenant)If you know anything about Rye Neck please email me it. I wish my bunny was that big! Thanks Bye!

jamie glawson

is this a real bunny rabbit?


Hey I love that bunny it is in my ripleys beleive it or not bbok


that bunny is so cute!!! i just want to squeeze him/her.is that the energizer bunny, the easter bunny, or the nestle chocolate bunny? bye people

Nancy & Ale

Hi, We love rabbits ... Is it possible to visit your bunny ?? It´s awesome !!!!


Wow thats such a big cute fluffy bunny but its bigger than me


Wow thats such a big cute fluffy bunny but its bigger than me


well that's obviously not real!


for all you people who can't read. The statement above said the rabbit is a family pet that is well loved. Do you really think the owners are going to sell him so you can get famous?! Get real! Thats the only reason why you "want him so bad!" Did you even think about the costs and needs of this rabbit, let alone the vet bills? And if you are one out of a million that did think about that, why don't you go to your local animal shelter and get one from there?


i really like this bunny so much could u you sell him to me or breed him to have lots of big bunnies please


hello to the owner of this huge adorable fluffy bunny i just love him my 3 year old sun just got a bunny from my mom freind marie who is dying of cancer she raised this bunny on a farm in this big cage and im not kidding this bunny is bigger then my sons 2 big male cats not as big yet but i think it could be that big if we keep it alive and get it a bigger cage i think its all in the cage u keep them in and the foods they eat is what marie told me now please can u write me back and tell me your secreate to your bunny growth was write about it and like the rest of the veiwers we would like to know the size of this bunny the name and what you feed thank u for your time


oh my gosh i would die for that bunny i love bunnies they're so cute this one is very uniqe. but how much would it be?

destiny yang

wow that was the biggest bunny i ever saw =D ^_^




what did u feed that rabbit.is it a female or male?


OMG i want him he is like so cute. How much is he or she. that is the CUTEST bunny ever!Do you think you would ever sell him cos i want him so much

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