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March 04, 2005


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hi suzanne! i didnt intend to go tracking down february flower exchangers who hadnt sent their flowers, but your pal wrote to me saying she had contact from you in mid feb. and you told her your flower would be late... so i just wanted to check in with you :) let me know what's up, kay?


I love your stitch markers, and the kitties are too cute!


lovely markers! your kitties look so comfy, the second pic of them is adorable!


Awww, such cute kitties!
Nice stitch markers, I really must try making some myself.


Ahhh....What great cats! I miss cats....


beautiful stitch markers. don't you *love* fire mountain? i order from them as well.


Hey Suzanne! Your stitch markers are great. I need to try this sometime. I am afraid that I could get into beading as much as I am into knitting... and I barely have time for either!

Your purse is great! I love the color.

Cute kitty pics--ours did not get along for awhile (both males) but now they are best friends.

Have a good weekend!

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