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March 26, 2005


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Great yarns. I love the gingerbread/salmon color. And everything goes well with Peeps!


wow, cool gift. great stuff there.


Wow, I got the Haremail package in today and, I have to say, it was awesome. I feel a little bad because I didn't send you anything extra with yours, but I really do hope you like the bunny! I like mine, and half the chocolate is already gone, and the yarn is so great! I wish I'd thought of that. This is the first time I've ever done any sort of craft exchange, but now I know for next time. Thanks again!!


Wow! What a great package from your SP!
It's this Secret Pal business fun!


hi there ~ that merino destined to become a clapotis is indeed gorgeous! i just started my own clapotis last night (on that bamboo yarn, perfect for summer i'm hoping) and wanted to pass on a great tip via the yarn harlot: "..the stitches I'm intending to drop are purled. This saves me marking them with stitch markers... since dropped purl stitches look the same as dropped knit stitches". i'm pretty clumsy with stitch markers so i'm loving that tip.

btw, your cute purse with the flowers you posted a few days ago? too cute!



Holey moley--that is some wonderful loot right there! I love that handpainted :)

Thanks again for your mail the other day! It was so nice to receive, and I can't wait to work up the little purse!

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