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March 16, 2005


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Jordans 2

What a pity I miss seeing all those gorgeous knits! Thanks for sharing the photos.

pam oman

I've been looking for a felted knit purse pattern to knit for my daughter-in-law to be as a shower gift--please e-mail the pattern to the above address as this purse with the flower trim would be perfect! Thanks much--pam oman


I, too love this purse. I have just started felting and would love this pattern. Did you create it yourself?


I really like the felted flower and purse. Where did you get the pattern from?


I really like the purse! Like the others who left comments, I would like the pattern too. And the flower! Can you either post it or e-mail the information to me? Thanks!


Someday I won't be too scared to felt, even....

If you ever want to meet for lunch or dinner sometime, let me know! I'll be back and forth in DC after April 30th but I'll still be working here.


Well, I *did* read this post - but only after receiving the purse yesterday! I love it! Thanks so much! And the little gifties inside were lovely, too! I've never used Body Shop stuff before, so I'm looking forward to trying it. And I love the scent of the little soap, too.

Pics will go up on my blog in the next couple of days (I'm way behind on blogging and photo taking!!)

Oh, and you can add me to the list of people who are curious about the pattern. :)



Love the little purse (and the flower!) the blue is a great color. I would love to hear where you got the pattern too :)

Hope you have a nice weekend!


Oh, yes, you must tell us about the pattern. The bag is beautiful!


Is that your pattern or did you get it somewhere? Would you tell us where? I love that purse, and have been on a bit of a felted purse kick.

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