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February 08, 2005


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Fun list. I too have eyes that turn green if I've been crying. (Or with the tiniest dab of burgandy eyeshadow in the corners.) I have to admit though that I love raisins in my cookies.


I love these lists--and yours is no exception! So interesting. But I like choc chips and raisins in my oatmeal cookies. :)

Secret Pal

We certainly have a few things in common... one you will see when you get my package (well if you inspect it carefully you will notice it.. hee hee not telling!!)
And YES!! Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies, Finally someone else who realizes raisins are NOT FOR COOKIES!!
And always red over white wine... and I just had pizza and red wine for dinner last night... I could go on and on


Black in the morning Herbal at night.

The NW is a wonderful place!

Shuffle st shuffle st shuffle ball change



Wow! We have so much in common...maybe I should do one of this 100 list thingys...

Where in Maine did you grow up?

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